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Welcome to Accidental Punch

Welcome to the new and improved website for Accidental Punch Productions. After a few years of wanting a brand new site design, to showcase new projects, old projects and current productions we have finally done it! Basically this is your one stop for everything that has to do with Accidental Punch and everything we do.


As a matter of fact, this is the perfect opportunity to let you know exactly what is going on here at APP. The flagship production is The Sully Show. This has officially been added as the number one weekly radio/television/webcast/podcast for the company. The owner hosts the show and his friends/co-hosts bring plenty of humor and of course their infamous "Dumb Ass of the Week" segment that never disappoints.

The Sully Show is live every Sunday from noon to 2pm ET on More Like Radio, complete with video stream, a studio number and a live chatroom where viewers/listeners can interact with everyone that is a part of the broadcast and be recognized for their contributions during the show. If you miss the show live, don't worry you can always subscribe to the podcast and bring the entertainment with you.


The entertainment value doesn't stop there. As a matter of fact if you're a hard core gamer, we produce numerous game play videos on our Twitch Channel where you can Interact with Sully (the owner), Kevin and other shows that will be broadcasting on our station on a daily/weekly basis (a schedule is in the works and we'll be opening slots of other gamers to participate in the near future).

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Awesome Gaming is the flagship show for the channel. Sully will play vintage game systems while interacting with viewers. In the near future he will also be holding contests to give things away for audience participation as well as taking requests for games on certain systems. His show is periodically schedule for the time being due to other projects but a more concrete schedule for the show will be determined soon.

Aside from these live productions, there is also our short films and web series that are currently in pre-production. Divergence is our first short film that is actually the first 15 minutes of a much longer story. There are many more projects that are being worked on. After all these things do take time. Especially with the writing process. But of course it wouldn't be a production blog if we didn't include the very exciting machinima that we're working on based on the very popular science fiction series Star Trek.


Star Trek Adventures takes place years after the original Star Trek series that people are used to seeing but are not related to the most recent movies. Captain Quintin Trask and the Crew of the U.S.S. Divergence uncover a plot that could potentially destroy Star Fleet and the Federation for good. Star Trek Adventures is sure to live up to the Star Trek name and impress the Trekkers and Trekkies out there.

This is enough rambling for one post. Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel, The Sully Show Podcast and follow us on twitter, twitch and soon to be instagram! Join the awesomeness... you know you want to!

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