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Here is the part where you get to find out all about The Sully Show and how it came to be. So let's take a trip down memory lane for a bit (cue the really annoying flashback music they have in television and movies).

It all started when Sully became a student of The Connecticut School of Broadcasting (CSB for short). Sully always had a knack for entertaining people since high school, he decided that instead of spinning records for a radio station he would go into one of the hardest area's of broadcasting. Mainly because he has way too much to say about different topics in Pop Culture. To Make a long story short, Sully graduated from CSB in June of 2007 along with fellow friends and former co-hosts Joe Henderson and Joe Castricone.

While working a full time job on 3rd shift and working diligently on switching from one career to one in broadcasting, he found himself using the studios at CSB as often as possible.


So one day back in February of 2008, Sully met another graduate from CSB by the name of Steve. The two hit it off very well, and Steve wanted the same things Sully wanted. So they decided to join forces and created "The Sully and Steve Show". They aired live online from (it no longer exists so don't even try it) using to stream the audio.


This certainly helped people listen live and repeats of the show periodically throughout the week. In order to help bring more listeners, Sully believed that listener feedback was a very important key to a great talk show. So with some reseach and time he found a great way to have a live chat room while the show was on air and while the show wasn't on air.

So after broadcasting live on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm EST, Sully and Steve managed to make it to about May of 2008 doing live shows. Unfortunately, Steve had to relinquish his co-host position due to family priorities. With a complete understanding when it comes to family, The Sully and Steve Show was officially dead. After all Sully would have done the same thing if he was in Steve's Position. So the rest of May finished and Sully was without a show, without a website to broadcast on live and without a place to broadcast. It certainly sucked. However, any good entertainer knows that its just another obstacle to over come. The search continued and the ideas kept flowing. A new show name and new co-hosts is what Sully needed.

Broadcasting from CSB Studios


June 2008 came around and Sully had a breakthrough. He found a new team to broadcast a brand new show. Including his co-host Sev, and Henderson.  After changing the name a few times Sully decided that The Sully Show was the way to go. With some more research and technological help, the show now had full video and audio streaming with a brand new way to broadcast. The Sully Show took off like a rocket (yes we understand that is a stupid saying).


Now granted not all first time shows are perfect. After all, technical glitches are bound to happen. There's nothing you can really do about it. So after the minor glitches were fixed, and the broadcast was underway from the CSB Studios everything was going great... until the amount of users crashed the entire system. We're not just talking the audio stream, we crashed the entire website as well as the radio studio at CSB. A few shows later there was another bump in the road. Sev was called off to the military again for a broken shoulder that needed to be rehabilitated. So Henderson and Lil Joe took the reigns as full time co-hosts.

After a few weeks of doing live broadcasts, and some really awesome guests like Actress Sari Gagnon (very good friend of the show), Actor Matt Huron Duranti (check out their pages on our links page) as well as Local Independent Wrestlers all the way through August of 2008, everything was going peachy keen fabulous.

HOOAH!!!! Radio

Now with that being said... The story of this wonderful saga continues. Sully is one determined person. He spent days doing research and restructuring of the show. As a former member of the United States Coast Guard, Sully wanted to bring his show to our Armed Forces. With multiple friends still serving this country he reached out to as many as possible to get information about being on the Armed Forces Network. Although the show did not get picked up by the Armed Forces Network, they did point Sully in the direction of HOOAH!!!! Radio (now defunct).


HOOAH!!!! Radio was an internet radio station that was strictly volunteer for all the men and women in the armed services both at home and deployed over seas. The Sully Show was the highest rated morning show on their station for a few reasons. They broadcasted live every day with new content for the troops. They had radio broadcast quality, a cohost that was broadcasting from over seas in Iraq at the same time and they were the only talk show on the station that brought laughter to their listeners.


By this time, Joe Henderson and Lil' Joe had left the show due to schedule conflicts. That is where Ben took over as full time cohost of the show. So with Ben and Sev (The logo that is up at the top of this page). Sully had a full crew and brought in a new bit called "The Dumb Ass of the Week". Basically any story that involved a stupid criminal or someone that would be up for the Darwin Award would be a part of the show. For some reason even to this day 90% of the contenders for Dumb Ass of the Week comes from Florida (We've been noticing a trend to).

Throughout their six month run on HOOAH!!!! Radio, Ben had left the show, Sev was still over seas and couldn't broadcast as much and Sully was left all alone playing some tunes. That is until HOOAH's resident Redneck JT and Metal Head Cynlucious joined the show. JT and Sully hit it off perfectly. Cyn brought in the female audience and was not your average "radio hole". At the same time Eric joined the show and the foursome had some great chemistry going. But alas all good things must come to an end. The show's run on HOOAH!!!! Radio was short lived, due to differences between some of the management and Sully's opinions. Sully pulled the plug and resigned from the station. Censorship is a big deal to Sully. When Sully pulled the plug there was a lot of animosity between his show and the old station. So much so that even though Sully gave JT permission to promote his own country music show, they wouldn't allow it.

Twitch and More Like Radio


With no station to turn to and Sully aching to get back on the air, while attending school for his Bachelors at Western Connecticut State University, The Sully Show was strictly on Twitch. At the time however, Sully was a little bummed because his show started halfway through one of his favorite shows on another network. That show... Hippojuice! Sully had been colleagues with that crew for awhile now and loved what they were doing. As the show continued on Sully, JT and Eric brought in Danielle and her significant other Greg. The two brought in more sarcasm, prank phone calls and a lot of relationship humor to the show. After some time Eric decided to move on and left the show leaving the four to fend for themselves. At the same time, a listener by the name of Adam Wood became very good friends with the Sully. He too is apart of the show as a regular host.


After a full year of broadcasting the show on Twitch and bringing in a few thousand hits just from that platform, Sully really wanted to find a home for the show. A home where they could be part of a family again. So when he heard that the crew from Hippojuice started their own station More Like Radio, he went right to the owners and asked if they had a home for the show. Not only did they say yes, but they gave a very warm welcome to the station. Broadcasting from a studio he built with a ton of technology at his disposal, Sully now incorporates more video, live phone calls, and a home for anyone who wants to be a part of the show. That includes emails to the host and Dumb Ass of the Week contenders.

After half a year on the network, JT had to take a break due to schedule conflicts. So Sully sent a message to everyone on the network asking for help and guest spot while JT was away. Michael "Punchy" Falcone decided that since he's a promo whore to begin with, that he would expand his wonderful list of shows on the network at the time and fill in. Since that day, he has been an incredible asset to the show. Especially as a stand up comedian. 


We hope to see everyone in the chat room during the live broadcasts. Tell your friends, tell your boss, tell your family and Join Sully,  the resident redneck JT, Danielle, Greg, Adam and Punchy for all the Shenanigans that you know and love.


Join the Awesomeness... You Know You Want To!

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